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Ala Albaba

Born in Jerusalem, 1985, currently residing in Alamari Refugee Camp near Ramallah, Ala Albaba is a visual artist who graduated from the Palestine International Academy of Art in 2015. He participated in multiple art residencies throughout the Middle East & Europe. His most recent works portray the chaotic beauty of life in a refugee camp through the camp’s unique architectural features. Amidst the chaos a cacophony of colours bursts forth. The fish that thrashes after being removed from the water serves as a metaphor for life in overcrowded refugee camps. Sardines packed in tins — like those distributed to refugees by relief agencies after 1948 — are another potent symbol. In the words of Mahmoud Darwish ‘How many times will you keep traveling and to what dream?’ Its the dream of life beyond the confines of a refugee camp and like the fishes in the sea there are no boundaries; no walls. He is known as the Palestinian Banksy for his graffiti in the West Bank and in Israel .

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