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Kamal Boullata (1942 − 2019) was a Palestinian artist and art historian. His works were primarily done in acrylic. His work was abstract in style, focusing on the ideas of division in Palestinian identity, separation from homeland. He expressed these ideas through geometric forms as well as through the integration of Arabic words and calligraphy. “Elaborated with remarkable continuity and patience, Boullata’s work is that of a surveyor, an artist of proportion and measurement. Behind this passion for geometry lies the tradition of icon-painting, which forged the beginnings of his artistic training, a tradition that has maintained a venerable continuity between Byzantium and the Arabo-Islamic civilization of the Middle East.” (A Khatibi). His works are exhibited in the British Museum, Museum of Arab Art Michigan and in many countries, and his works are one of the most collectable of Palestinian artists. We are thankful for Kamal’s widow Jamilla for this donation.

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