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Mark Coreth was born in London in 1958 and was immediately dispatched to the family farm in the Kenyan highlands where the Equator ran through the house.  Black and white Colobus monkeys leapt amongst the branches in the trees behind the house where leopard and cheetah also lived.  This idyllic childhood surrounded by exotic Flora and Fauna fostered Mark’s early and continuing passion for wildlife and the sculpting of it.

After prep school in Kenya, Mark attended Ampleforth public school in the north of England and on leaving joined The Blues and Royals, serving with the Regiment as a regular officer.  He has spent time in England, Cyprus, Germany, Ireland and the Falkland Islands during the 1982 hostilities.  On his return to England he was commissioned to make a silver sculpture of his regiment’s drum horse “Belisarius”, for the Warrant Officer’s Mess and later a second cast in bronze became the Household Cavalry’s wedding present to The Duke and Duchess of York; his first commission, a taste of many more to come. He held his first exhibition at the Sladmore whilst still a serving soldier, and has now shown with the gallery for over 20 years. Sladmore Contemporary Gallery

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