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Tariq Dajani was born in England to a Palestinian father and an English mother. He developed his photographic craft working in London, Stockholm and Dubai, both commercially and on personal art projects. His artworks have been widely exhibited and are included in various private art collections, including those of the Agha Khan, Bernard Arnault of LMVH and members of royal and ruling families in the Middle East. Dajani now lives on a rural, organic farm in Spain where he pursues art projects and teaches photography and printmaking courses.

The prints that Dajani has donated are rare hand-crafted photogravure prints from his Andalusia project “Kitab al-Filaha”, in editions of five.

Photogravure printmaking originated in the late 1800s and is widely regarded as the most beautiful, challenging and labour-intensive of the photographic printing processes. A photogravure, or photo-etching, print is produced by mechanically pressing a sheet of paper onto an etched and inked metal plate. The result is a beautifully detailed print with a full tonal range from deep blacks to bright highlights. Unlike other photographic prints where the image lies on the surface of the paper, with a photogravure, the image is literally pressed ‘into’ the paper. Due to the nature of the process, each hand-pulled print is a unique, tangible object with depth and a beautiful textural feel, which, in this age of mass digital printing, is a very special thing. Artist’s website

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